A New Tool for the Talent Hunt

Among portfolio companies in the Industrial Exchange community, one of the challenges we hear about most frequently involves finding and attracting solid management and operations talent. Executive placement firms do a great job at finding candidates for many senior positions at PE and operating firms, but filling vital management positions can still be tough.

To help address this challenge and provide a solution, Industrial Exchange has developed a partnership with GeniusMesh, an organization that specializes in matching graduates from top executive MBA programs with companies that can use EMBAs’ special skills and talents.

For industrial companies, there’s a lot that makes sense in considering an EMBA. In addition to the formal training in accounting, finance, statistics and management that conventional MBAs receive, EMBAs typically have extensive previous work, educational and life experiences that make for a productive and well-rounded manager. EMBAs often hold highly technical or specialized undergraduate degrees, for example, which can be invaluable in an industrial setting. Also, by having juggled full-time careers, school and family time to obtain their business degree, they exhibit the grit and “get it done” approach that PE-owned firms are looking for.

Since we believe EMBAs can help enhance industrial companies’ value-creation efforts — which is core to the Industrial Exchange mission — we have negotiated a special offer for our PE members and their portfolio companies, which gives them access to the GeniusMesh platform and community of 4,000+ EMBAs at 50% off.

To learn more and take advantage of this offer, you can book a demo with GeniusMesh directly here.