Finding — and evaluating — the best new technology for industrial companies

One of the missions at Industrial Exchange is to identify new tech solutions that actually deliver what they promise. To that end, we created a unique contest program — the Industrial Innovation Challenge (IIC) — which we designed to attract and evaluate the best new tech products and services for industrial applications. What makes the IIC unique is that we have experts from venture capital firms and operating companies serving as judges. This not only gives the startups that enter the contest real feedback to help them avoid making money- and time-wasting mistakes, but it also helps industrial operators discover the latest and most viable solutions that can really help them in their businesses.

Before IndEx 2020, VC leaders from firms including Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Eclipse Ventures, Dynamo Ventures, Brighton Park Capital, Tola Capital, Atlas Innovate, Material Impact and Blackhorn Ventures will judge the tech presenters on their value proposition, management depth and long-term viability. Judging criteria also include an assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, including how the innovative tech products and services may reduce energy consumption or harmful emissions. Additionally, solutions may for example, improve worker training and development or increase corporate transparency.

At IndEx 2020 in April, tech company representatives will make presentations to audience members and the VC and operating company judges, who all will vote and determine the winning tech companies. The company receiving the highest score overall will be the IIC Grand Prize winner and will receive a $25,000 award.

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