Lean Myths #1: There is No Quick Payoff from Lean

Lean has been an adopted practice across larger companies within the manufacturing industry for some time now, and while its core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste, its perception is that of flaws and shortcomings. These flaws have been more evident as of late, particularly as it relates to the current pandemic and low inventories of household goods, but how much are current shortages actually due to the philosophy of lean as opposed to the manner in which they are implemented?

As smaller manufacturing companies have started to assume the practice of lean, some of the common misconceptions around its deficiencies are being uncovered and debunked. These myths will be addressed through expert analyses, presented by AlixPartners

The first analysis tackles Myth #1 —  lean implementation takes too long to pay off and that generated cash savings often fail to materialize. However, the largest contributor to this type of failure is actually a lack of effective management. This AlixPartners report demonstrates how the effective ability to organize people and assets at scale while driving them towards a clearly defined endpoint within a fixed time period is the biggest factor in lean’s success. 

Download the PDF here.