Private Equity for Manufacturers: Myth vs. Reality

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout have thrown a monkey wrench into the plans and finances of many smaller industrial and manufacturing companies. This is the time many such companies are rethinking everything — including the possibility of turning to private equity firms for capital and, perhaps, operating assistance.

In this exclusive webinar, experts from MiddleGround Capital and Thomas will discuss how private equity may be a resource in these difficult times. Topics to be covered include:

  • Separating private equity myth from reality.
  • How private equity firms can help, and how they can’t.
  • How working with a private equity firm fits into short- and long-term strategic plans.
  • Is a cash flow crunch coming? What to do.
  • How to find the right PE firm — and how Industrial Exchange can help.


Expert Speakers:

John StewartFounding Partner, MiddleGround Capital

Scot DuncanFounding Partner, MiddleGround Capital

Shawn FitzgeraldChief Marketing Officer, Thomas

Jon CooperCEO, Industrial Exchange