The Harvey Weinstein Verdict and Industrial Companies

Found guilty Monday of first-degree criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape, former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein now sits in New York’s Riker’s Island jail facing between five and 29 years in prison. 

After an October 2017 story by The New York Times detailing decades of allegations of sexual harassment against him, Weinstein became a lightning rod for the nascent ‘me too’ movement. The movement was founded in 2006 by New York social activist Tarana Burke to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly black women and girls. It went viral after actress Alyssa Milano used the #MeToo hashtag to comment on the Times story.

Whether you think the #MeToo movement goes too far or not far enough, it represents societal recognition that many people have been harmed by unacceptable behavior that previously was ignored or tolerated, but now won’t be. The movement is here to stay and it’s not just about comeuppance for the famous or an issue facing highly visible media and entertainment companies. Industrial companies large and small face heightened attention to workplace sexual harassment, assault and discrimination — which is why we’re examining the issue at IndEx 2020.

In a special conference session, two leading employment attorneys at Proskauer will explain how the movement is shifting into a second stage. What’s coming are a new wave of #MeToo inspired laws, heightened scrutiny around training and compliance, and additional lawsuits brought by employees, shareholders and others seeking legal redress. 

If you need to know how to respond so such suits and, better yet, how to prevent them, this session is one you can’t afford to miss. 

In fact, if you are an industrial company owner, operator, intermediary or solution provider, there’s no better investment of your time than the two-day IndEx 2020 — the industry’s premier venue for high-level networking. 

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