Eye on Industry – Episode 12: Where There is Wind, There’s a Way

On this episode of the IE Eye on Industry podcast, we’ve sat down with the President & Co-Founder of Hover Energy LLC, a company looking to build a better planet sustained on one of earth’s greatest natural power sources – wind.  

Chris Griffin, the company’s resident expert in energy, has nearly 30 years of experience  in renewable energy, finance, M&A, restructuring & portfolio management. Chris spent the last 15 years in Renewable Energy, most recently as CEO of Regenedyne LLC, the Intellectual Property (“IP”) predecessor to Hover Energy. 

In the early part of his career, Chris served the Energy Industry as VP of Investment Banking (M&A/Restructuring) at Morgan Stanley and VP of Institutional Municipal Securities for Smith Barney. He also served as Director of Finance at IBEAM Broadcasting and VP & Head of Derivatives at Chapdelaine & Co. As Founder & CEO of 4G Private Equity, he launched Natural Citrus Products Corp. in 2007, the first Cellulosic Ethanol plant in the United States; Perfectly Green, Inc. in 2010, a ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Distributed Power Generation company; and led the restructuring of Regenedyne LLC in 2011, whose assets and IP in magnetic wind power were eventually acquired by Hover in 2015. 

Hover Energy is dedicating its efforts to transition the world from dependence on centralized power to independence through distributed energy. With the ability to empower companies to utilize the assets they already have from their very own rooftop wind turbine systems, Hover Energy is looking to create both an environmentally and economically sustainable solution for industrial companies across the country. Their vision to turn the built environment into a power source where every building would become a power contributor to the grid is a step into optimizing a clean, domestic source of energy that enables U.S. industry growth. Think net positive, not just net zero.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. “For as long as the sun shines and the wind blows, the energy produced can be harnessed to send power across the grid.” And Hover Energy is here to convert said energy. Where there is wind, there’s a way.

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