Eye On Industry – Episode 4: MacLaurin Group

Today, we’re going to take a look at technology strategy from the perspective of outsourced operating partners for private equity.

As we’ll soon learn, the COVID 19 pandemic has impacted PE firms in two primary ways:

First, it accelerated the push for technological modernization of basic corporate infrastructure.

Second and perhaps most notable, the pandemic has produced some serious innovation from a group that is — more often than not — known for being tech laggards.

Was the combination of a tough investment landscape and COVID the catalyst needed to accelerate Private Equity’s emphasis on tech-enabled value creation?

We’ve asked Alan Williamson and Jim Headley from the MacLaurin Group to make sense of the tech challenges that exist for PE.

They talk about how to view the CTO and CIO roles within a PE-owned enterprise — along with the common pitfalls managers can avoid when developing a technology strategy both pre-deal and post-deal.

Between them both they have over 40 years of experience working in CTO and CIO capacities. At MacLaurin Group, they work with a roster of PE clientele in an outsourced operating partner capacity focused on technology strategy.

We’re excited to have Alan and Jim join us today.