Catch Me If You Can: Opportunities in the Drone Supply Chain (UAVs)

Amid the pandemic-induced gloom in commercial aviation there is one bright spot: defense and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones.

For insights into this fast-growing segment, Industrial Exchange invites you to join us on Wednesday, June 2 at 2:00 pm ET, for a one-hour virtual roundtable discussion, Catch Me If You Can: Opportunities in the Drone Supply Chain (UAVs)

With defense and recreational UAV markets already well-developed, the commercial market is now looking to play catch up. Take a drone trip with us as we dive into the new trends, hover over key challenges and get a bird’s-eye view of opportunities for growth.

In this roundtable, investors and operators in the aerospace sector will share insights and explore topics including:

– Opportunities and challenges in drone manufacturing from prototype to fabrication
– Navigating the emerging regulatory landscape
– Defense, law enforcement and governmental applications
– The Amazon Prime Effect: Managing consumer expectations

We are extending invitations to this event exclusively to executives and investors in the aerospace sector.Chatham House rules apply, meaning you will be free to use information from the discussion, but not free to reveal who made a particular comment. 

Please use this link to register. We look forward to your participation.