Discovering New Data Sets in the Test & Measurement Industry

The torrent of data captured by devices manufactured by the Test & Measurement industry isoften an unmined asset.

For insights into how this asset can be maximized, Industrial Exchange invites you to join us on Thursday, April 1 at 2:00 pm ET, for a one-hour virtual roundtable discussion, Discovering New Data Sets in the Test & Measurement Industry

Companies involved in this sector are uniquely positioned to capitalize on today‚Äôs combination of ever-increased connectivity, edge computing and decreasing sensor costs. These forces allow T&M manufacturers and allied companies to offer new products and services — unlocking tremendous value. 

We will explore a wide variety of topics, including from data monetization and productization strategies, the API economy and new entrants. Specifically, our panelists — who are investors and operators in the T&M sector — will share insights and explore topics including: 

  • 5G technology, IoT, edge computing and quality issues of precision, interoperability, security and scalability 
  • How to create new opportunities 
  • Understanding your clients through data aggregation, predictive analytics and business enablement 
  • To share or not to share?: Issues involving consumer privacy protections, cybersecurity and the open-source platform economy

We are extending invitations to this event exclusively to the executives and investors in the T&M sector. Chatham House rules apply, meaning you will be free to use information from the discussion, but not free to reveal who made a particular comment.

Please use this link to register. We look forward to your participation.