Exploring the New Automotive Stack

Exploring the New Automotive Stack

The automobile industry is in the midst of epic change. For insights into where it may beheaded, Industrial Exchange invites you to join us on Tuesday, May 4 at 2:00 pm ET, for a one-hour virtual roundtable discussion, Exploring the New Automotive Stack

With global giants including GM looking to phase out internal combustion engines over the next decade, and upstarts and Tier 1 manufacturers looking to cement their place in the automotive value chain, the automotive sector appears to be at a tipping point — and ripe for new investment opportunities.

Our roundtable panelists will explore the disruption in this market; the cost-benefit calculations now underway in the transition from fossil fuels; the impact of regulation; the latest developments in radar, lidar and EV components; and how consumer sentiment and public expectations for the automotive industry may change. 

Specifically, topics to be discussed in this roundtable will include:

– Opportunities for Tier 1 manufacturers & supporting equipment providers 
– The future of lidar and autonomous driving 
– How EVs will transform the existing grid and infrastructure
– Maintenance opportunities for legacy fleets
– The outlook for raw materials including steel, nickel cadmium and others

We are extending invitations to this event exclusively to executives and investors in the automotive sector. Chatham House rules apply, meaning you will be free to use information from the discussion, but not free to reveal who made a particular comment.

Please use this link to register. We look forward to your participation.