Industry 4.0’s Second Act: How OEMs and Capital Equipment Providers Are the New Industrial Data Power Brokers

Remember when your TV and the internet were in two different worlds? Remember when yourTV got smart and could connect to the internet? Remember how your newest TV already came connected?

Today’s OEMs and Capital Equipment Providers are connecting too, putting service providers, resellers, systems integrators and other asset-light distribution businesses at risk of disintermediation. 

To find out how today’s industrial OEMs are winning the race to design, market and sell connected equipment — and what this means for everyone affected — you are invited to joinIndustrial Exchange on Thursday, August 5th at 2:00 pm ET, for a one-hour virtual roundtable discussion, Industry 4.0’s Second Act: How OEMs and Capital Equipment Providers Are theNew Industrial Data Power Brokers.

At this invitation-only event, investors and operators from the Capital Equipment and OEM sectors will share insights and explore topics that include:

– Commercial benefits of selling connected equipment
– Impact of disrupting stable value chains
– How the lines between venture capital and PE are blurring
– How to pick and choose the right sectors to bet on

We are extending invitations to this event exclusively to executives and investors in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Chatham House rules apply, meaning you will be free to use information from the discussion, but not free to reveal who made a particular comment.

Please use this link to register. We look forward to your participation.