Unplugging from the Grid: Disruptions in Energy Storage & Power Generation

The US is on the precipice of an energy revolution as renewables and better battery storage increasingly disaggregate the nation’s electrical power grid.

To find out how this is likely to affect the energy and infrastructure sectors, Industrial Exchange invites you to join us on Thursday, April 8 at 2:00 pm ET, for a one-hour virtual roundtable discussion, Unplugging from the Grid: Disruptions in Energy Storage & Power Generation.

With the US rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and the Biden administration looking to move the US away from fossil fuels more rapidly, opportunities for energy investors have never been greater, or greener. 

At this invitation-only event, investors and operators from the energy and infrastructure sectors will share insights into those opportunities and explore topics that include:

– New developments in energy storage 
– Changes in US nuclear energy policy 
– An examination of renewables capacity 
– How the regulatory landscape has shifted
– A closer look at the Biden energy policy
– What’s ahead on the technology horizon

We are extending invitations to this event exclusively to executives and investors in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Chatham House rules apply, meaning you will be free to use information from the discussion, but not free to reveal who made a particular comment.

Please use this link to register. We look forward to your participation.