Mike McNamara

Mike’s experience building and scaling complex global operations has made him a sought-after mentor for full-stack startup founders. His dedication to system-level reinvention is most evidenced in the field of manufacturing and supply chain, however Mike also has substantial experience in a broad array of industries including automotive, cleantech, and medical technology. While best known for his achievements as a Fortune 500 CEO, Mike’s passion for grassroots innovation combined with his ability to identify and work with best-in-class teams make him the perfect partner for creative entrepreneurs pursuing big visions.

Mike spent 12 years as Chief Executive Officer of Flex, one of the world’s largest, multinational technology manufacturing companies. He joined Flex in 1994 through the company’s acquisition of Relevant Industries, Inc., a venture-backed, Silicon Valley start-up where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. At the time of the acquisition, Flex had $150M in revenue. Mike joined the executive team and was instrumental in the company’s growth to over $25B in revenue and over 200,000 employees operating in 30+ countries. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2001 and Chief Executive Officer in 2006; over that time Mike bought, integrated, and/or managed over 70 acquisitions including the $11B acquisition of Solectron. Furthermore, Mike created numerous companies in a variety of industries and technologies.

Prior to his time at Flex, Mike was Vice President of Manufacturing Operations at Anthem Electronics and Principal at Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd & McGrath. Earlier in his career he held a variety of leadership positions at Intel and Ford Motor Company.

Mike serves on the Board of Directors of Workday and was previously on the boards of many other companies including Delphi, Sunedison, and Therasense. He is a member of the advisory board of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management and has served on the Presidential CEO Advisory Board of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Sloan School of Management Visiting Committee. Mike has been a frequent guest lecturer at both schools for many years.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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