Sandeep Bhadra
Vertex Ventures

Sandeep Bhadra joined Vertex in 2017 and focuses primarily on investments in the cloud infrastructure, data-driven business applications, and cybersecurity space.


Sandeep formally began his career at Texas Instruments’ R&D Center, where he designed protocols for 4G/LTE wireless networks, just before the iPhone came out. He later led a team in designing the first software-defined network switch-chip. Since then, he’s been passionate about understanding the business of technology and financing visionary technical entrepreneurs tilting at the windmills of the status quo. As a Principal at Menlo Ventures, Sandeep focused on investments in infrastructure and data/machine-learning driven applications. He invested in Platform9, Signifyd, Unravel Data, and Clarifai. Prior to that, he worked on Cisco’s investments in MapR, Platfora, and Moogsoft and acquisitions of Metacloud, tail-f, and Memoir Systems. Sandeep holds a B.Tech from IIT Madras and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA from INSEAD.