Protecting Your Company from Biological Threats

As the COVID-19 crisis has revealed, few companies are prepared to protect their employees and worksites from a biological threat. Since experts warn that the current pandemic is not over and may return later this fall or winter, it’s more important than ever to ensure that employees are safe and the workplace is protected. This exclusive webcast will explain how that’s done.

Experts at Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, a firm specializing in the implementation and project management of facility updates and modifications across the country, along with their cleaning and janitorial partner, Cummins, will share ways industrial companies can protect their employees and future-proof their operations in the face of bacterial and viral assaults. Specifically, the webinar will cover:

  • How to assess and deploy contact-mitigation strategies
  • A review of tools including thermographic cameras, door automation, antimicrobial pulls, antimicrobial material handling and protective shielding
  • How to rezone facilities leveraging existing access badges and other solutions
  • Maximizing social distancing
  • Decontamination and preventive cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning vs. disinfection
  • Best practices in cleaning
  • How to change employee behaviors to support health and safety

Expert speakers:

Kevin Labrecque Senior Vice President, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

Jill FreyPresident & CEO, Cummins Facility Services

Jon CooperCEO, Industrial Exchange

Seth DeutschBoard advisor, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions; former President of Industrial Group at AECOM (NYSE: ACM)