Red vs. Blue in 2020: Chris Christie and Paul Begala to Speak at IndEx 2020

We’ve made politics a major subject-matter track at IndEx 2020 because so many business decisions now revolve around political issues as much as they do economic ones. For that reason, we couldn’t think of two better people to share their view on politics than Chris Christie and Paul Begala

Christie and Begala will share their views on what the congressional and presidential elections could mean. Domestically, rising populism and hardening political divisions are making these elections critical since the composition of Capitol Hill and the occupant of the White House could dramatically change the nation’s tax, investment and business operating environment.

Many industrial companies are finding themselves tossed about on the rough seas of politics. Whether it is the unexpected imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports that prompted a rethinking of supply chains, or vilification of private equity by the more progressive elements in the Democratic Party that spell long-term challenges, politics will continue to play a more important role in business decisions. Industrial Exchange will be keeping its eyes open.