Unfreezing the Supply Chain: Quick Thaw or Slow Defrost?

While many industrial supply chains have ground to a halt or are severely disrupted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not too early to consider what happens next. After the crisis passes, business will resume — but how will frozen supply chains return to normal after this unprecedented disruption?

In an exclusive Industrial Exchange webinar moderated by a turnaround specialist from AlixPartners, a range of panelists from a cross-section of the industrial sector will discuss the best ways to restart operations and production. Topics to be covered include:

  • Industries that will be faster and slower out of the starting gate
  • How the housing market will see recovery
  • What happened and what will happen to maintenance? 
  • Overcoming logistics bottlenecks
  • The lead times necessary to restart operations
  • How your business can prepare for another potential freeze


Expert speakers:

Jim Blaeser – Director, AlixPartners

Grady Mulbery – President and CEO, Roseburg Forest Products

David O’Reilly – President, Fluke Digital Systems

Adam Compain – CEO, ClearMetal

Ashlee Cribb – Chief Commercial Officer, Roseburg Forest Products